Whatz Happening…

Well as you can all see…the website is undergoing major renovations…..and it’s going to take a long time to get things rebuilt the way I want them. I’ve switched from Frontpage to WordPress (which I am learning as I go) so things are going to look pretty bare bones for awhile.

On a personal note – I’ve been battling some unknown virus or condition which has really knocked me on my ass the last few days. Friday and Saturday last week saw me spending time in various ER’s – feeling generally crappy – and undergoing some odd seizures – which have totally kicked my ass. Time will tell what is going on with me – but for now – I am riding the rollercoaster of feeling like dying – and then 10 minutes later – feeling fine – and then back again – over and over. Good times. Needless to say – getting this website renovated during this time hasn’t been a top priority.

That said – I have managed to add a music page with some of Sockeye Pete’s favorite songs, an Alaska Pics page, and my much needed Quick Links page.

So check back often….things are happening….slowly.


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