Today’s Update

Well – still trying to get a diagnosis on my condition….slowly eliminating things…and I believe that I have some sort of issue in my neck that is impeding blow flow to my head. We’ve been able to rule out glucose/blood sugar, other metabolic issues, and lyme disease so far. Good times.

So Рanyways I am still riding the rollercoaster. Currently (today) I am up. Yesterday was a down.

As a result of this condition -I find that I am having to spend the majority of my time sitting in my recliner watching various movies …..

And so now – without much ado¬†– it seems like I might as well share the highlights and lowlights of my movie binge watching….so here goes nothing:

The Good:

Edge of Seventeen – Hailee Steinfeld absolutely kills it in this movie. Her scenes with Woody Harrelson are just hilarious. I’ve probably watched this one four times now – and it I keep laughing every time.

Comet – Emmy Rossum is excellent in this file. Usually can’t stand Justin Long – the wimpy neurotic thing gets a bit old – but he seems to be perfect in this role.

Wonder Woman – Ok – I saw this one in the theater. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are excellent. Probably Pine’s best role so far. The best thing though – is Wonder Woman’s theme music when she goes into battle. I really dig that music.

Reign of Fire – Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale – take on a world of Dragons.

Suicide Squad – I actually thought that Will Smith might have saved his career with this one. And of course – Margot Robbie was great as Harley Quinn.

Old School – Frank the Tank streaking down mainstreet….too funny. The scene where he shoots himself in the neck with tranquilizer gun – I was laughing for ten minutes on that one.

Watchmen – Rorschach is bad ass.

Joy – only watched the last half of the movie – but thought it was pretty good, even if Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair off at the end.


The Bad

The Magnificent Seven (remake) – Not much drama or suspense in a remake when you already know the outcome. Why bother?

Blood Sand – a horrible B-movie – with even worse effects. Almost made the Good list it was so bad.

After – The female lead in this one couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag.

The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford – two words: Casey Affleck. He totally blows.

Allied – What happened to Brad Pitt?

Jack Reacher – Never Go Back – What the hell happened to Tom Cruise? Did he have some bad plastic surgery or something. He’s hideous. Oh – and the fight scenes – sooooo realistic. Not.

She’s Out of My League – Pretty funny – but too many f-bombs. The Slap-Shot Regatta scene was pretty good.

Mr. Right – I like Sam Rockwell….but Anna Kendrick makes me want to hurl.

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