Recap AK2017

So here’s a quick recap of the numbers from Alaska Sockeye Season 2017…..

Reds caught: 61

Fish Caught at Wayne’s: 31

Dolly V’s Caught: 6

Kenai Rainbows Caught: 3

Pink Salmon: 3

Sticklebacks: 3

Pontoon Trips: 1

Pontoon Fish Caught: 2

Lake Float Tube Trips: 8

Earthquakes: 2

Days of Rain: 10

Injuries: 2

Beach Trips: 10

Sunsets at the Beach: 6

Camp Showers: 15

Campfires: 9

BBQ Meals: 13

Vehicle Breakdowns: 2

2017 MVP: Dr. :Luke – Luke was awarded the honor for his great effort during his short stay. During his trip he managed 19 sockeye, a couple of silvers/pinks from the ocean, and talked his way into a free fishing trip in Seward for himself and Rodney…while managing to sleep the fewest hours of anyone in camp.





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