Favorite Rock Bands

Drum roll please…..it’s time to list the greatest Rock Bands of all time. Again – this is just my list. Let me know yours….

  1. The Doors – To this day – no one else has ever captured their unique sound. Timeless.
  2. Bob Dylan – okay – he’s more of a Singer/Songwriter – but he’s so great – he makes the Band list.
  3. Rush – so many killer tunes and albums
  4. AC/DC – simple 3-chord rock done right
  5. Cheap Trick – I want you to want me…say no more!
  6. Led Zeppelin – other than ripping off other artists – they’re pretty good
  7. Van Halen (David Lee Roth era) – were a good band before they discovered keyboards
  8. The Who – the original punks
  9. The Beatles – Could be higher on the list – but they had funny haircuts for too many years
  10. Guns N Roses – ….until Axl got all fat and stuff
  11. The Cars – The Pretenders ….2-way tie for the last spot on my list. A bunch of great albums here.

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