Favorite Rock Singers

I was going to do my favorite Rock Bass Players next….but since Bass Players aren’t really that important and no one really cares about them….I figured I’d skip on over to Singers…..

Ok – so here it is – my list of fav rock singers

  1. Bob Dylan – an acquired taste for sure – but Bob rules!!
  2. Jim Morrison – The Doors frontman and poet
  3. Elvis Presley¬†– The King is da’ bomb
  4. Roger Daltrey – love the classic Who tunes
  5. Bon Scott – Highway to Hell a total classic
  6. Robin Zander – I would love to be able to sing those Cheap Trick tunes
  7. Paul McCartney – “Eleanor Rigby” alone puts him on this list

Everyone else….you don’t rate. Get a real job.

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