Xanax detox – follow-up

So for those of you that were curious to know how I was doing – I thought I would add a follow-up on the progress of my Xanax detox.

Basically it is day 11 today. Eleven days no X-poison. Awesome. So how has it gone??

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post – I initially had a rough weekend – which was smoothed over by Dr. Luke’s phenibut concoction. That strategy worked for a few days – and I got some real good sleeps…like a heavy 8 hour awesome sleep.

However by the end of the week the sleeps got a little shorter and on Friday morning at 2am exactly – the “satan’s revenge” attack hit and it was pretty nasty time for a few hours. I had an intense attack of the burning hot pins and needles throughout every muscle in my body for a few hours. My blood pressure and heart spiked accordingly. Eventually I got back to sleep for a few hours – but over the course of the weekend – I would suddenly – and I mean suddenly – get dizzy and get the hot pins and needles and high blood pressure attack. Each wave would last for an hour or two and then slowly wear off. Sleep became harder to come by which only aggravated my mood and response to the attacks.

Today is Monday – and I’m having an okay day today. I tried a slightly different approach to sleep last night – I went with a couple Valerian capsules and some melatonin. That got me a solid sleep until 4am this morning. When I woke up then – I started to get a wave of the pins and needles attack again. It wasn’t as severe as before – which was encouraging. I took one of Luke’s phenibut pills and was able to get a couple more hours sleep. However, I was pretty groggy most of the day – and have had a couple bouts of dizziness and a pretty good headache this evening.

I did manage to get out and go for a walk this evening even though I was dizzy. Although now I have one of those “feels like my head is gonna explode” kind of headaches. While it sucks – I guess I prefer it to the pins and needles attack.

So – that brings my cold turkey experience up to date. Good times. Good times.

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